US Election Violence

Cure Violence is providing FREE trainings to anyone on the current context, possible scenarios, and tactics that can be considered to keep yourself and others safe.

Cure Violence Training

Cure Violence stops the spread of violence by using the methods associated with disease control. In this training, learn more about the Cure Violence approach as well as the proven playbooks that can change the health of your community.

COVID Training

In CVG sites around the world, interrupters and outreach workers have responded to the COVID crisis by responding to their communities needs — providing food, masks and the information that people need to stay safe — all while continuing to find creative ways to prevent violence.

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We have a growing library of online and in-person training to help you and your community. Many of these resources are available FREE.

Violence is a
Health Issue

Watch our founder, Dr. Gary Slutkin, in the TED Talk that started a Global Movement

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