Cure Violence Training

Training and technical support for violence prevention 

Need a training for your team?

Cure Violence Global has been providing training in violence prevention for more than 20 years. Our seasoned trainers are standing by! We offer everything from one-hour introductory webinars to intensive, in-person site support and training.

Cure Violence 101

Learn the basics about the Cure Violence approach, and how you can get started in your community.

Full Site Training and Support

(In-person only - contact CVG)

Cure Violence helps communities around the world to set up effective violence prevention programs. Reach out for intensive assistance. 

Violence Prevention Management Training

(in person only - contact CVG)

Training for site supervisors in how to manage a team of violence prevention workers. 

Violence Interrupter Training

(in person only - contact CVG)

Training for Violence Interrupters to be able to safely and effectively detect and interrupt conflicts.

Outreach Worker Training

(in person only - contact CVG)

Training for Outreach Workers to be able to safely and effectively identify and treat those at highest risk for involvement in violence.

US Division Training

Cure Violence is providing FREE trainings to anyone on the current context, possible scenarios, and tactics that can be considered to keep yourself and others safe in the context of protests, marches, elections, and more.

Training for elections and protests

The training summarizes the principles in how to avoid violence, stop yourself from getting caught up in violence, and respond if confronted with aggressive people, including a discussion of tactics for specific situations. 

Media Training -Reporting on Violence

Reporting on the division in the United States is challenging. This training will help you be better prepared.

COVID Training

In CVG sites around the world, interrupters and outreach workers are being called on to respond to the COVID crisis. This training will help you be prepared.

Start Your Training Online Today

We have a growing library of online trainings to help you and your community. Many of these resources are available FREE.

Violence is a
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Watch our founder, Dr. Gary Slutkin, in the TED Talk that started a Global Movement

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